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Full Version: 1978 Steelers 31 vs Falcons 7
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1978 Steelers 31 vs Falcons 7

Atlanta gets an old-school butt-kicking, Steeler style. Even though both teams are ultimately playoff-bound, the Falcons are totally outclassed and never stand a chance against the undefeated Steelers, who seemingly can do no wrong. A broken play magically turns into a 6-yd Bradshaw TD run; a Rocky Bleier fumble magically becomes a 10 yd gain and a first down. Keying all of this good fortune is Franco Harris darting and cutting back against the grain for his first 100-yard game of the season, keeping Atlanta on their heels while opening up the passing game for Bradshaw. Terry takes full advantage, hitting 13 of 18 for 231 yds and 2 TDs (1 passing, 1 rushing) with John Stallworth snagging 6 of those passes for 114 yards and a TD (highlighted by a 71 yard catch & run). But the glory this day really belongs to the men in the trenches as Pittsburgh's offensive and defensive lines simply ravage Atlanta. While Pittsburgh's O-Line opens gaping holes for Franco and gives Bradshaw all day to throw, Steve Bartowski is the victim of one jail break after another by the Pittsburgh D-line. It's quite amazing to behold such a ferocious pass rush being generated by just the front four. And with no LBs blitzing, the Steelers are free to leave 7 defenders downfield in coverage on nearly every play. The result is a rout. 


Would be great if you could get 75 and 76 regular season games when the steel curtain was at its peak and dominated!
(04-16-2017, 03:40 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Would be great if you could get 75 and 76 regular season games when the steel curtain was at its peak and dominated!

I have a few regular season games from that era, mostly from 1976. They are on the list if you search the "by season" drop-down menu. I'll be posting what I have over the next month or so.


Obviously, Atlanta was outclassed on this day- this game was over by halftime- but the way they rebounded from this was surprising the rest of the way. Whatever they learned on this day, they figured it out in a hurry surprisingly.

They finished 7-2 the rest of the regular season after this Three Rivers thumping. (They gave Dallas all they could handle on Divisional Playoff Saturday- and in a case of full circle, that game followed the PIT/DEN 33-10 rout)
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