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Full Version: Lebeau vs. Brady
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I'm sure that Brady is salivating about going against a Lebeau defense.

The only hope is that Lebeau beats him once every 7 years. (2004, 2011).  He's due for a win!!!
Titans don't have the offensive scheme, nor mindset to pull it off.
Wait! Wait! I thought Todd Haley was the worst OC in the NFL! In NFL history even! Are you saying that Mularkey would be a downgrade from Haley? I'm sure that Mularkey will be available after the Patriots kill the Titans!
Haley is. No doubt.

But Mularkey still thinks it's 2001 and he can beat the Pats 17-10 using TOP as the focal point.
(01-10-2018, 03:34 PM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Haley is.  No doubt.