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Full Version: 1990 Steelers 7 at 49ers 27
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1990 Steelers 7 at 49ers 27

An aggressive Pittsburgh secondary holds Montana to just 157 yds passing and intercepts the Hall of Famer twice in the 49ers' first 3 possessions (Woodson and Everett). Unfortunately, Pittsburgh makes a pair of crucial mistakes late in the 3rd quarter, gifting the Niners with 17 points in a 6-minute span. San Francisco leads 10-7 at halftime and makes it 13-7 on a FG with 3:53 left in the 3rd quarter, and that's when disaster strikes. On the ensuing kickoff, rookie Barry Foster walks away from the ball like a punt returner who has decided to let a kick roll dead. Unfortunately, a kickoff is a free ball (unlike a punt) and the 49ers pounce on the live ball inside the Steeler 5. Three plays later, Rathman plows in from the one and the 49ers lead 20-7. One the first play of the 4th quarter, Haley nails Brister on a sack/fumble, the Niners recover at the 17 and score 5 plays later on another short Rathman run. Game over. 
NBC was in a hurry to get to the Chiefs-Seahawks game- i've seen CBS switch that quickly too.
When did the networks start the practice of bringing viewers bonus coverage of games when a game was over? e.g. in this case, the viewers who got Steelers-49ers when it was over, were given the end of the Chiefs-Seahawks game. I wonder when that started
This copy of the game is joined in progress with approximately nine minutes left in the first quarter.

At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL Live.