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Full Version: 1993 Steelers 23 at Browns 28
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1993 Steelers 23 at Browns 28

The infamous "Metcalf Game." With Neil O'Donnell passing for a career-high 355 yds and Vinny Testaverde knocked out after a vicious 4th-quarter hit by Kevin Greene, it appears the Steelers will emerge from Cleveland Stadium with a win. Statistically, it's a game they should've won, outgaining Cleveland by more than 200 yds and owning a 13-minute advantage in time of possession. But with a 23-21 lead and facing a fourth down on their 22-yard line, the Steelers make the mistake of punting the ball where Metcalf could return it. Metcalf had already returned a punt 91 yds for a TD early in the 2nd quarter. With 2:05 to play, Metcalf fields Royals' punt along the right sideline, picks up a pair of crushing blocks, then darts and dodges 75-yds to the end zone for the winning TD as Cleveland Municipal Stadium goes absolutely bonkers. 
Special Teams really hurt the Steelers that year. Cost them a playoff game eventually.
(01-12-2018, 03:11 PM)BlackAndGold7 Wrote: [ -> ]Special Teams really hurt the Steelers that year. Cost them a playoff game eventually.

John Guy was a terrible coach. You're right, special teams absolutely KILLED us in '93, including in the playoffs. We HAD that game against KC until the blocked punt.

Bobby April immediately turned special teams into a strength when he came in '94. Assistant coaches definitely DO matter.
After the game, a brief clip of the NFL Live postgame show, featuring a replay of Tom Hammond's call of the winning punt return by Eric Metcalf.

Also, there's a brief video glitch right after the winning touchdown. The game picks up with the Steelers driving coming out of the two-minute warning. No scoring was missed, unfortunately.