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Full Version: 2001 Steelers 10 vs Ravens 13
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2001 Steelers 10 vs Ravens 13

Rarely does the blame for a loss in the NFL fall squarely on the shoulders of a single player, but this heartbreaking loss to the thoroughly-outplayed Ravens is one such occassion. Kicker Kris Brown suffers through a nightmarish performance, missing 4 consecutive field goal tries including a kick at the end of regulation that would've resulted in overtime. Other than Brown's kicking, the Steelers play quite well, outgaining the Ravens 348 to 183 with strong performances by Stewart (22 of 37, 236 yds, 1 TD), Bettis (23 carries, 91 yds) and Ward (9 catches, 97 yds). Ward also notches a TKO of Rod Woodson on a block during a running play when Ward comes flying out of nowhere and just CREAMS Woodson with a head shot that takes the former Steeler off his feet and nearly separates his head from his body. The next shot we see of Rod is of him spitting blood on the sideline. The Steeler defense plays inspired football and had Baltimore not been aided by several incredible punts in the first half (the Steelers seemed to perpetually start drives inside their own 15), things would've been considerably different. If Brown hits just one of his missed FGs, there's no doubt in my mind Pittsburgh wins. But as they say, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good and on this day, luck is on the Raven's side. 
Did I mention earlier what a POS kicker Kris Brown was????????????????
(01-17-2018, 02:29 AM)jschroe36 Wrote: [ -> ]Did I mention earlier what a POS kicker Kris Brown was????????????????

Not sure I've ever seen a worse kicking performance than this one.  Sick  Anyone wanna accept the challenge to out-do the Kris Brown debacle?
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