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Full Version: A move afoot to fire Tomlin
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A long shot at best but I feel it's time.
I don't see it. Hopefully, but I doubt it. I just think a new OC and DC would do wonders. Perhaps this forces Tomlin to update his staff?
The group of limited partners includes Rob Citrone, Paul Evanson, Larry Paul, Stephen Paul, Bruce Rauner, Paul Sams, John Stallworth (yes, that one), Benjamin Statler, Scott Swank, David Tepper, Thomas Tull, Peter Varischetti, and Mike Wilkins.
Pleeez, Pleeez, Pleeeez........     Thumbsup
The shareholders have no real power in football matters, per the purchase agreements they signed and were approved by the league. For example no one can buy up shares and take the team from Art II because the NFL made it clear when Stanley Druckenmiller tried it with the other four Rooney's to buy their 64% in 2009 that the team would remain in Dan, and then Art II's control and he would never get league approval to take over the team.

They can recommend to Art II, but they have no power to overtake him and make any football decisions.

EVERY ONE OF THEM, can say fire Tomlin.

But as soon as Art II says no? Meeting over.
coordinators and new position coaches. at least some of them. New ideas, PLEASE
Yes, if anything this may get a few changes made to the staff. Mann is retiring and there's a least a 50/50 chance Munchak will be offered the Cards HC position.

I think there needs to be massive changes on the defensive side of the ball. Constant confusion and breakdowns, missed assignments, lack of gap discipline, inability to tackle (I can't even believe I writing that at his level), too much show boating, worse LB corp for the Steelers I have ever seen (since 1972). There are a ton of problems on both sides of the ball and also special teams, but I don't believe anything changes until we address the defense (or lack there-of). Jags scored 45 (I know 7 pts. was on the offense) and the Ravens scored 38. The clowns torched us. And I also don't believe its all on the players, I read were the Steelers were running plays and terminology from th 90's. Think about how much the game and players have changed from since then.

I think we need a fresh young defensive mind to come in on the defensive side of the ball. Porter and Lake should be shown the door. 

Can anyone explain the benefits of Tomlin's Tampa-2 or Cover-2. I don't see its value and it seems to cause defensive coverage break-downs. It sucks.