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Full Version: 1980 Steelers 31 vs Cowboys 10 Preseason
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1980 Steelers 31 vs Cowboys 10 Preseason

After trading field goals for a 3-3 halftime standoff, Bradshaw gets hot in the second half and hits 5 passes for 76 yds on a 96-yd scoring drive capped by a Russell Davis 5-yd TD run. Mike Wagner intercepts a Danny White pass and returns it 25 yds and Bradshaw hits Randy Grossman for a TD on the very next play. Cliff Stoudt leads the Steelers to 2 more TDs in the 4th quarter, a 6-yd TD pass to Stallworth for and a 4-yd Sidney Thornton run. Dallas finally strikes for a TD in the closing 80 seconds of the game on a 42-yd TD pass to Billy Joe DuPree. Both the defending NFL champion Steelers and the Cowboys finish the exhibition with 3-1 records. A huge thank you to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game! 
Unfortunately, this version is missing most of the second half. What's here is of excellent quality, though. Plus, the commercials are a real hoot!