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Full Version: 1978 Steelers 34 at Browns 14
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1978 Steelers 34 at Browns 14

There are a number of things that stand out in my mind about this game; the overwhelming, SWARMING speed of the Steeler defense is astounding as they bewilder Sipe with a vast array of all-out blitzes; Swann & Stallworth are dazzling; Bradshaw's mobility in the pocket is amazing. But what really stands out in my mind is the unbridled hatred between these bitter AFC Central rivals, which is epitomized by Jack Lambert's ejection from the game. Lambert dives at QB Brian Sipe helmet-first as Sipe is being tackled out of bounds, but Lambert really doesn't make solid contact as he mostly flies over Sipe. While it may have been a slightly late hit, it certainly wasn't spearing. When the flag flies, Lambert is instantly in the official's face, shouting his case. A Browns player gets a little too close and Lambert erupts, catching the guy with a nice right hook (the dude isn't wearing a helmet). Lambert instantly returns to chewing out the official, who throws another flag, and then Lambert REALLY flies into a rage and is ejected. When Noll appears to begin reprimanding Lambert on the sidelines, an infuriated Lambert gives Noll (who wisely shuts up) an earfull, too. Noll pleads Lambert's case to the officials to no avail and Lambert unloads on the refs again. For the record, Lambert probably deserved to be ejected... and I love the guy for it. No one has EVER played the game with more fire and intensity than Jack Lambert. NO ONE. 


Hats off to the Steelers' offensive line. Bradshaw was really bothered, beat up and harrassed early on. The O-line went to work, the Steelers established the running game, and gave Bradshaw room to find Swann and Stallworth, and the rest is an impressive victory.


The editing after every play is ham handed - cuts out the flow of the game. Consider adding it back in.
(06-18-2017, 01:47 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]The editing after every play is ham handed - cuts out the flow of the game.   Consider adding it back in.

Dude... seriously? Ham-handed? I didn't edit the huddles out of any of these games.   Eyes

Whomever recorded the game back in the day paused between plays. VHS technology was new and tapes were expensive & short in 1978. They were trying to conserve tape.

You're welcome.  Pi_careless
Didn't have six hour speed in 1978. It was either four hours or two hours.

If people started a game at 2 hours they usually edited huddles.