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Full Version: carnell lake gone
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Now who is going to run this awesome secondary
Good first step. Porter should be next. Look's like he is leaving for family reasons.

Bring in Tomlin's buddy Caldwell.
Or Ray Horton
Perhaps Messrs. Porter and Olsavsky would also like to spend more time with their families... ?
Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder.

I mean, we *do* want consistency.....
Penn State enabler Tom Bradley.

Just swell.
(02-09-2018, 05:16 PM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Penn State enabler Tom Bradley.

Just swell.

Just another asinine decision by an arrogant Tomlin.  UCLA had great defense?  I don't think so.  We will continue to get lit up.  Isn't his brother a doctor for the Steelers?  Seems like Tomlin is keeping it all in the family.  How cool is that?
And now another DL coach added: Alabama assistant coach Karl Dunbar.
Did Tomlin hire Bradley? Or did Art II hire another crony's brother on the payroll?

The Rooney's have been hiring cronies and their relatives long before Mike Tomlin showed up.
Art II also said he was involved in the decision to release James Harrison.

Now see? IMO that's not Art II's call. It's Colbert, and Tomlin's.

And that's it.

Art II needs to stop being a coach, stay in the background, and OWN.