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Full Version: 1983 Steelers 27 vs Saints 14 Preseason
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1983 Steelers 27 vs Saints 14 Preseason

In a game that would've been cancelled or delayed due to lightning if played today, Cliff Stoudt throws a pair of TDs (including a 69-yd bomb to RB-turned-WR Greg Hawthorne) in the midst of a thunderstorm and leads Pittsburgh to a 17-0 first quarter advantage. Mark Malone adds a score of his own on a 1-yd QB dive as the Steelers easily beat the Saints in the Hall of Fame Game. Features action with Gabe Rivera. A huge shout out to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game! 
At halftime, we have a look at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies that took place earlier in the day, with speeches from the inductees and some brief footage from their careers.