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Full Version: 1980 AFC Playoffs Raiders 14 at Browns 12
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1980 AFC Playoffs Raiders 14 at Browns 12

A classic. The "Kardiac Kids" lose a heartbreaker in a -37 degree wind-chill when Brian Sipe, poised to win the game at the Oakland 15 yard line with less than a minute to play, throws his infamous "Red Right 88" interception in the end zone to seal it for Oakland. You could hear a pin drop in Cleveland Municiple Stadium after the pick. Kicker Don Cockroft puts on a pitiful display for Cleveland, missing 2 FGs and a PAT, perhaps prompting Sipe's ill-fated pass from within chip-shot FG range. Even as a Steelers fan, I can't help but feel a little sorry for the Brownies . . . after all, the '94 AFC Championship game is still remarkably fresh in MY mind, even after 25 years. What a horrible feeling! That '80 Browns team was something special and was probably Cleveland's best shot at the Super Bowl. 
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Before the game, WKYC in Cleveland wraps up the Browns' season to date and takes a look at the invading Raiders. Then, NFL '80 has highlights of the previous day's playoff games, commentary and picks from Pete Axthelm (who chooses the Raiders), a feature on Jim Brown, and an NFL Films-produced silent film parody about the Kardiac Kids with the Steelers as (what else?) the villains.