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Full Version: 1991 Steelers 33 at Bengals 27 OT
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1991 Steelers 33 at Bengals 27 OT

O'Donnell gets his first victory in 4 NFL starts by rallying the Steelers with 2 TD passes in the final 8 minutes of regulation, hooking up with Ernie Mills for a 35-yd TD and a 12-yarder to Louis Lipps to give the Steelers a 27-24 lead with 1:24 to play. Jim Breech ties the game on a 47-yd FG with 5 seconds left in regulation to send the game to overtime. Greg Lloyd sets up the game-winning TD when he strips the ball away from Ickey Woods after a short pass, scoops up the loose ball and returns it 19 yds with a facemask penalty against the Bengals tacked on to move the ball to the Bengal 29. Two plays later, Eric Green gathers in a 26-yd TD pass from O'Donnell to give the Steelers an exciting overtime victory. Thanks to Jay Korber for generously providing us with this game! 
It seems to me that Joel Meyers did a lot of Steeler games in 91.
Meyers did a Steelers preseason game in Heinz Field I want to say in 2004.

They left his mic open on the c-band feed, and he was ripping everyone, including the size off a women in the stands and wanted to know how many Primanti sandwiches she had during the game.

Oh btw, another 4th quarter meltdown for Dick LeBeau's defense in this game.