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Full Version: Kneeling
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I guess there are no "social justice" issues throughout the soccer world since I've not seen one example of a player, coach or fan kneeling during any of the anthems.  Pretty amazing since some of the Nation's participating are run by dictators and are surely comprised of citizens less fortunate than those of America.

It's disgusting athletes and fans in America don't have enough or any respect for our anthem or flag.  My position is too many have bled and died so these fools can "enjoy" their right to protest.  In the land of the free and home of the brave we are slowing losing our way.  Doubt that, watch the opening ceremonies of each game and notice the respect and passion demonstrated.  It's refreshing and should be a teaching moment for those who opt to kneel or not take off their covers.  True at least for those not blinded by racism and can appreciate law and order must get a preferential call over the actions of potential or actual felons.
You mean the players passionately signing out their national anthems - some at the top of their lungs?  

I'm not a soccer fan.  I'm pretty confident it'll never replace football, baseball, hockey, curling, ping pong, or watching paint dry.  The only thing I find less interesting is basketball.  

However, how the hell is the U.S. not only competitive, but can't even qualify for the Cup?  

Switzerland is in the tournament!  Yes, the ink spot that has a smaller population (8,544,034) than New York City (8,550,000) in 2018

By shear numbers alone, a country with a population of 326,766,748 (a 3724.5% increase over little Switzerland) should be able to field at least an EQUAL team....