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Full Version: Better coach: Mike Tomlin or Bill Belichick?
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More of the same probably. Tomlin is not going to change. Well... Maybe some of his Post game media lyrics will -
And why should he change? Even if one of his four losses last year came in January, his team still finished 13-4. That's the same record as Good Ol' St. Bill. The only difference is when that last loss occurred, and guess what? The odds are that a team other than the Steelers will win the Super Bowl this year, next year, and every year for the next decade. That's the way it goes in sports, and that's what a lot of so-called "fans" can't or won't accept. Chuck Noll coached for twenty-three years, and he failed to win the Super Bowl in nineteen of them, including some with a team filled to the brim with Hall of Famers. Does that mean he was a failure, or couldn't measure up to other coaches in the league? Not to me it doesn't. He had a legitimate contender almost every year. So did Bill Cowher, and so does Tomlin. More "fans" need to shut their mouths, give their fingers a rest, and be content with that. If you want to watch Steeler Super Bowls in the meantime, there are seven of them on this site at the moment, and only one of them is a loss.

If we ever see a stretch again like we did from 1985-'91, where we missed the playoffs six out of seven years, then Tomlin or whoever the coach is should be on the hot seat. Until then, keep your mouths shut and be grateful that Pittsburgh still can boast of the best overall organization of the Super Bowl era, and even more grateful that for all of their admitted success, Belichick and Brady still need to win two more Super Bowls before the Steelers win one in order to take that title away. Based on what we've seen and heard this offseason, I don't like those odds one bit.
(("fans" need to shut their mouths, give their fingers a rest, and be content with that" ))   Umm NO!  What kind of a fan would anyone be of we kept our mouth's shut?  What would any fan be?  

This is what its all about   - Sorry dude Even you have the rite to your opinion.  But this is sports. Without emotion any fan would be boring -
Emotion doesn't justify calling for a coach to be fired every time e loses more than two in a row. And I'm sorry, but to me loyal fans are an extension of the organization to an extent, and therefore if they have a criticism to make it should be based on a knowledge of how that organization operates. In other words, it's a waste of time and energy to call for Tomiin's job when it's well known that the Rooneys simply DO NOT fire coaches they believe in, regardless of record. Such a stance shows total ignorance and selfishness, a desire to put one's own three hours a week of entertainment over the interests of the team they follow. That's unacceptable to me; so is publically fawning over one team's coach on another team's social media, official or unofficial. If you want to talk about how great Belichick is for more than a couple of sentences, do so on a Patriots website. (Save the "freedom of speech" bit, because it's way overused on the internet. I have the right to tell you to be quiet or go to another site if I want, and that too is freedom of speech.)
As I said before... No one ever said you didn't have the rite to your speech. But no fan is going to stay quite. That's the beauty of being a fan. You keep on smoking the crack pipe... And we will keep being Steeler Fans! Smile
First of all, I hate the crack pipe reference and I don't think there's anything to smile or laugh about in relation to it.

Second of all, why would any fan deliberately say some of the things that have been said on message boards, including this one, on this subject when they know nothing's going to change? Isn't that just talking just for the sake of talking? What earthly good does that do the Steelers or the people doing the talking? Saying "I can't believe that play call! What was (insert coach) thinking?" is one thing. Saying something like "That stupid Tomlin is a bad coach, and the team would be a hell of a lot better with a real coach like Belichick"" is another. So is the line of thinking that Super Bowls are the one and only measure of success. If it was, every coach but the Super Bowl winner would be fired every year. That won't ever happen, nor should it. So give your criticisms some thought before you just spew them all over social media.
Well! Golly gee willikers! I was entertained by the last physical exertion of sportsmanship our wonderful team had against the Eagles of Philadelphia. Of course, it doesn't matter if we win or lose, or how any of the particularities were executed, as I wouldn't dare question any of those making decisions on the field. After all, *I* am not an NFL coach so I couldn't possibly have an opinion. Fortunately, I watch the game with the sound off so I wouldn't be offended if the on field microphone picked up on one of those tasteless comments from the "so-called" fans who have had season tickets for three generations. As long as we have one winning season in 7, they have nothing to complain about.
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