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Full Version: Game of the week - Steelers Vs Colts - RIP Ron Johnson
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I was watching the Steelers vs Colts last week and first let me say snow games are always a favorite. Terry was on fire this game. 

However during the game they were touting our rookie Ron Johnson with 6 ints. It may have been missed but sadly Ron just passed away. 

Ron Johnson - R.I.P. 

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Man, I didn't know about Ron Johnson. Pi_cry  So sorry to hear that! I always enjoyed the intensity he played with. Excellent player, nice career, started from day 1 as a rookie among all those great players and didn't miss a beat. I'll never forget him jamming the ball in Tony Dorsett's face late in the first half of S.B. XIII. He played angry and earned his share of personal fouls over the years. He was also one of those guys who could get under the opponents' skin. Always liked him. Solid player and I'm so sad to hear he's gone.

They putting together one heck of a team in heaven right now...