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Full Version: 1978 Steelers 13 at Cowboys 16 Preseason
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1978 Steelers 13 at Cowboys 16 Preseason

A preseason preview of Super Bowl and one of the most fascinating games in our collection. If you want to see how football has changed in 40 years, watch as the two best teams in football simply GO AT IT for 60 minutes -- starters playing HARD all the way -- in a supposedly "meaningless" preseason game. Amazingly, plays that are run successfully in this game are also run successfully in the Super Bowl. Case in point, Bradshaw runs the exact same flanker screen play that Swann breaks for a 29-yd gain just before the half in Super Bowl XIII against the Cowboys in this game, and Swann gashes them for 35 yds to set up Pittburgh's opening TD. The Steelers lead 13-3 before Dallas mounts a furious 4th quarter comeback with Staubach hitting Tony Hill for the game-winner with just 31 seconds left. Bradshaw comes back in for one last try to win it. The footage ends after Bradshaw hits Theo Bell for a 30-yarder to the Dallas 49 and we don't get to see what happens on his final pass as time expires. An amazing contrast between a REAL no-holds-barred football game featuring two determined championship teams vs. the meaningless scrimmage between no-name players on the bubble you would see today in a 4th preseason game. Truly fascinating! A big-time thank you to Brad Geffers for providing us with this game! 
Wow look at that suit on Andy Russell.........LOL
(08-04-2018, 05:48 PM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Wow look at that suit on Andy Russell.........LOL


Obviously going for the world record on collar size.