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Full Version: 1985 Steelers 30 vs Bills 24
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1985 Steelers 30 vs Bills 24

Despite losing David Woodley on their first series, Mark Malone on their second series and falling behind 21-0 to the hapless 2-win Bills, the Steelers avoid their first 4-game losing streak since 1969 thanks to 5 Bills turnovers, 3 Gary Anderson FGs and a late 71-yd drive engineered by 3rd string QB Scott Campbell. Walter Abercrombie caps the drive with a 2-yd off-tackle run to clinch the win with 47 seconds left. Despite the victory, the Steelers are eliminated from the playoffs. A special thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
There are audio and video issues with this game throughout the game. Whether they're problems with the network feed, the station (WGRZ in Buffalo) or the tape itself, I can't tell for sure.

Also, the video ends with eleven seconds left during Buffalo's last desperation drive. No scoring was missed.