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are the chiefs allowed to punt?
well a score here makes my game over prediction premature.
Ben being Ben. Nice improv to McDOnald.
Ju-JU playing big.
Nice work by the offense. Right back in it.
WTF, Boswell??? Missed PAT? Dude got paid and now he sucks.
Well, we're back into

Boswell (not the) MVP! (not the) MVP! (not the) MVP!
C'mon, D. Need a stop.
And the D comes up big again.
Cam racked the hell out of him
Great hit by 97!!
This is probably an odd comment - but the colors - the Black & Gold + the Red & White on green grass - looks really good
(09-17-2018, 04:20 AM)steelerkraut Wrote: [ -> ]Great hit by 97!!

'Sup, Kraut?!  Wavehello Smokin
My game stream's finally stable enough to be able to enjoy the game. Fortunately I missed most of the first quarter...choppy stream...sloppy game...
Need at least 3
Man... James again. Ben had a TON of time!
Wow, Ben's got all day to throw....
Say what you will about J. James - kid has heart
wow. 8 yrds rushing in the 1st 1/2 though. LeVeon is gonna be tweeting
Did you SEEEEE that effort by Conner????
so money is not money anymore
AB....LOL - "I shall run THROUGH you"
need a flanker screen here
Ben is playing out of his mind right now.
Nice on Washington......
Was Ben over the line?
he was over the line
I think it will stand. Pretty sure your entire body has to be past the line, not just the ball.
and I'm wrong yet again!!!!
There you go. 21-21. Well done, Steelers.
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