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Full Version: game thread if anyone is interested
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First play big pick up on the run.  ugh
artie tackled someone
easy pickup of first down. Flacco is going to have a huge night
timeout saves the steelers probably a TD without the timeout
There's something you don't see everyday a TD pass on the Steelers.
ok i'm out. just thought some folks might like to talk about the game
Not very interested so far. Same garbage on defense. Embarrassing. This isn't football to me.
they're going to get blown out
(10-01-2018, 10:38 AM)Rollers Wrote: [ -> ]they're going to get blown out


Dunno if we'll get blown out because our offense can generally put up some points. But it sure has the makings of a game we're gonna lose because the defense is non-existent for Pittsburgh.

I've never seen anything like this. Not in Pittsburgh. Even in the dark years, we played pretty solid defense. I don't even know what to do with what I'm witnessing.
Screen passes with no blocking in front of the screen???
horrible series. gave up. now another TD for the Ravens
Nice tackle by Bostic.
that was a TD sheesh these ass clowns are horrible
Thank goodness we got enough pressure to disrupt that pass. Joe Haden playing like @$$ so far tonight.
Switzer is open every single time he's in the game.
no one watches him. I like him though

any of you guys play defense?
Horrific. No pressure on Flacco whatsoever and terrible coverage downfield.
night tim have a good one
Man, did we need THAT! Huge fumble.
Ben... throw it deep on first down. Go to JuJu. 99-yd TD.

Do it. DO IT.
doesn't matter really. I hate feeling like this. I'll check in tomrrow
(10-01-2018, 11:12 AM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]Ben... throw it deep on first down. Go to JuJu. 99-yd TD.

Do it. DO IT.

Well, he tried.  Laugh

Do it again.
Nice. Jessie James is very quietly having a pretty solid year.
Hard run after catch by McDonald.
JuJu, nice improv by Ben .
Switzer. Open for a catch every time he steps on the field.
WTF was that crackback penalty on Conner? That's crap!
WTF??? 3rd and 3, just pick up the first down. I hate that call. Dumb as f---.
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