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Opening drive off to a good start. 

Not thrilled about wasting that time out, though.
Conner is running wild so far. Nice!
Wow! That drive was all Conner! 78-yd drive, 76-yds by Conner. Very impressive start!

Is this our first 1st-quarter lead of the season?
Crap. Overturned it.
There we go! TD for Conner, over the top!
Are you kidding me??? Bozwell missed another PAT! WTF?
Defense forces a punt. Nice. We're now pinned inside our own 5, but still... way to go, defense.
What the hell is up with Bos? His head isn't straight
(10-08-2018, 03:24 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]What the hell is up with Bos?   His head isn't straight

Flashbacks to David Trout.
Not only Boswell... what the heck is up with Ben and AB?

Conner looking great today.
It's not all Ben - AB's been sloppy in his routes
Man... the production from WRs is non-existent. Ben off-target downfield.
There's one! JuJu for the TD!!!!!!
(10-08-2018, 03:32 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]It's not all Ben - AB's been sloppy in his routes

I agree, it's not just Ben. They're just not in sync.
We got a Juju
TJ Watt, nice sack. Good job, D.
Our inability to get off blocks defensively continues to be a weak spot. Screens have killed us all year.

Then again... pretty much every aspect of our opponents' offense is gouging us this year.
And... there's your 2018 Steelers defense, ladies and germs. Ugh.
and the videogame starts. Haden looked bad
Both Watt and Heyward were TENTATIVE towards Ryan.
I truly miss football that looked like this: 1994 Steelers 14 vs Eagles 3


Just not digging this new brand of video game offensive football.
I'm with you. I remember some great 6-3 games. I don't like the 48-46 shit
Running game is gashing - and we throw three straight in-completions
Still no sync between BR and AB...
Man... this defense just can't get off blocks.
Julio Jones with a couple of drops... and we blow it with Bud Dupree giving them a first down with hands to the face. Dammit!
And now roughing the passer. Here come the f-ing penalties.
On further review, that was a BULLSHIT call on Watt. He played it perfectly.
Watt gets a little revenge. That boy was FLYIN'!
Man... 4 sacks already today.
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