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Full Version: I don't want Bell back
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I broke my own rule and watched the game today. I guess an old AFC North game is too irresistible, even for the best of us. 

The non-challenge by Tomlin almost cost us in the end, I believe Connor was in. 

My thoughts are the team is healthy, has a bye-week and is starting to jell. I don't want Bell back, I hope he signs his tender and the Steelers immediately ship him off. If he comes back I see it as a negative total affect.
I was thinking something similar. Either sign him immediately to something hug - or let him go. Conner's playing his heart out
Connor is showing me he’s a lot better back than I thought, and yes, we would be fine without Bell, as long as Connor stays healthy. And that is worrisome. Connor was banged up just about all last year and missed most of this year’s Preseason.

I have no issue at all if Bell comes back as an insurance policy. Yeah, a dang expensive one, but a better option than Ridley if Connor goes down.
See how easy that last drive was when you keep the speed on the field, and actually use the middle of the field with fast wide receivers?

We constantly dick around for 55 minutes then expect Ben/AB/JuJu to steal a win in the final five.
Sign Bell and trade him for Peterson. The Cards are shopping Peterson.

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Last report I heard Bell is still a no-show. What an idiot.