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Full Version: Steeler Ratbirds Game-day thread
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Crap. 3rd & goal from the 11.
Damn. SO close.
Big 3 points there. Glad Boswell kept his shit together for that one.
F-ing refs. Man... they call everything on us. The Ravens do the same shit, no call. Sick of it.
C'mon, defense. Stop them.
WTF? We've been letting the TE run free down the middle all day.
Let's run out this clock, old school Steelers style.
Conner over 100-yards rushing.
Huge play coming...
AB!!! First down!!!
Again... huge 3rd down coming up. C'mon, Steelers.
First down to Juju!
Okay... let's have a good punt, good coverage and then shut them down.
Tuit with the sack!!!!
big win. d is playing better. wish we could have gotten a few more points out of the O
The some of the calls on that game today by the Refs > were garbage calls.
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