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Full Version: Steeler Ratbirds Game-day thread
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C'mon D.
Getting some pressure on Flacco. Keep it up.
My goodness. Conner already running wild. Keep it up!
Drive started well, then.... ppfffbbbbbttttt. Should've just kept feeding it to Conner.
Woah! Nice CB play by Hilton to break that end zone pass up.
Dodged a bullet. Jackson was in motion and was WIIIIIDE open. Flacco never even looked his way.
Nice return by Switzer. He hasn't been spectacular, but he has been solid in the return game this year.
Washington drops one. Not a great pass, but c'mon.

AB with a first down.
JuJu!!! Man, all by himself. LOL
Hey, a catch for Washington. Yes! I want to see us use him more.
Nice run by Conner to pick up the first. Looked like he was caught for a loss, instead spun away and gained 4.
Maaaaaaaaaaaannnnn... Ben held that ball a LONG time. Risky throw.
TD pass to Conner! Nice play design coming across the field to grab that and run it in!
Nice job by the D. Crap play-calling by Baltimore. I'll take it!
Nice grab by Washington.
WTF? 3rd & 1 and you have Switzer in the backfield? Then a bad pass on an obvious screen. Dumb.
Nice pass to JuJu on 4th & 1. Ballsy call, nice throw & catch.
Holy crap, what a great, patient run by Conner. Excellent moves, excellent vision.
Man... Conner making things happen. Great job getting downfield and creating a receiver for Ben.
Sweet little TD by AB. Nice move to make not one by two guys miss, and that's 6. Nice drive.
C'mon, D... don't give them a cheap score.
Dodged a bullet. Crabtree faked Sensabaugh out of his jock.
Nice D to stop Jackson! Baltimore is too enamored with him. They just threw away a great scoring opportunity with bullshit "trick" plays. Settling for short FGs instead of TDs today. That bodes well for us.
D'oh! Juju, you dropped it!

Dammit. That was costly. Likely took points off the board for Pittsburgh and now gives Baltimore a chance to score before the half. 

I don't want to be too hard on Juju because he rarely drops one, but man... he was WIDE open and the ball hit him in the hands with room to run. Huge mistake.
Nice pressure by DuPree and Tuitt on 3rd down. That was big.
No way was that a turnover by McDonald. It will be our ball. But that was a stupid, risky offensive call and I don't understand the reasoning.
WTF are we doing??? That tipped pass was almost picked off. We have 30 seconds left in the half inside our own 20 and we're running risky flippin plays!
Man... we are really going for it with aggressive, risky plays with so little time on the clock. Be smart.
Glad to get to the locker room without turning it over. That was crazy play calling considering how deep we were in our own territory.

We get the ball to start the second half.
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