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Full Version: 1983 Steelers 24 at Colts 13
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1983 Steelers 24 at Colts 13

The Steelers control the ball, dominate time of possession and convert turnovers into points en route to their 7th straight win. Mike Merriweather blocks a FG and forces a fumble deep in Steeler territory while Donnie Shell and Rick Woods each snag INTs. With Stallworth out, Calvin Sweeney comes up big (6 catches, 104 yds, 1 TD), but it's Pittsburgh's running game by committee (48 atts for 214 yds) and top-ranked defense that win the day. A big-time thanks to Jay Korber for providing us with this game! 
Record crowd at Memorial Stadium to see their Baltimore Colts play. A short time later, the team sneaks out of Baltimore in the middle of the night to go to Indianapolis.
I never could understand why the Colts always started their early games at 2pm! It was a blue law! Now I understand! Might have been another reason they left in the dark of night!