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Full Version: 1987 Steelers 28 at Falcons 12
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1987 Steelers 28 at Falcons 12

Strike game! Steve Bono leads the Steelers at QB, Joey Clinkscales (???) shines at WR (6 catches, 150 yds, 1 TD) and Earnest Jackson (the only other "regular" to cross the picket line with Mike Webster) carries 29 times for 104 yds and a TD. Defensively, Larry Griffin performs well enough at DB to earn a roster spot that he will keep for 7 years, intercepting a pass in the end zone to thwart an Atlanta scoring opportunity and setting up a Steeler TD with a 2nd INT at midfield. Not NFL-calliber football, but not bad for a group who only had 10 days to prepare. 
At halftime, scores and highlights from NFL Live, plus comments from Frank Deford and an interview with Browns owner Art Modell.

After the game, an edition of WPXI's Fifth Quarter, with scores, a few highlights, and locker room interviews. Among those interviewed are Mike Webster and Earnest Jackson, the two most prominent Steelers who crossed the picket line.