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Full Version: Steelers at Broncos Game Thread
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Maybe Case Keenum would be better if he had a neck?
Those Bronco uni's look like pajamas my grandson wears...
3 & Out. Nice series for the D.
Seriously... do those Broncos uni's have little footies?
Samuels... nice play, young man.
AB just threw the worst pass I've ever seen. That was 6 points with a decent throw.
Man... I don't know what it is with James Washington. Something just always seems "off" with him.
WTF??? He was holding McDonald's other arm so he couldn't get it up to make the catch.
Jeez... blocked FG.
Oh, my... Bostic was nowhere near him.
Hold 'em...
How happy must Switzer be to be in Pittsburgh instead of Oakland?
Ooooooo... that pass hung a little. Once again... not quite there with Washington.
Man... what a throw and a BIG time catch by Juju. Huge 3rd down conversion.
Wow... what a crazy good play call to Grimble. Perfectly executed... and the dumbass fumbles it away going into the end zone.

Starting in peewee football, they coach you to move that ball to the outside arm to protect it. Stupid.
Man, here's hoping it's nothing serious w/TJ Watt.
That's 10 missed points already. Hope that does not byte us in the ass later....
Finally some points on the board...I don't get the offensive interference call, though..
(11-26-2018, 08:14 AM)steelerkraut Wrote: [ -> ]That's 10 missed points already. Hope that does not byte us in the ass later....

Yeah, I'd feel a lot better being up 13-3 right now. Hate leaving points on the field.
Watt is back!
C'mon, defense. Edmunds got owned on back-to-back plays.
Let's get 7 before the half. We should be up on these guys right now. Frustrating.

A little more focus, guys. Let's finish this half with a score.
Switzer is ballin' today.
Switzer again! Nice job, little man! Sweet throw.
And again to Switzer.
Dammit! McDonald just dropped an easy TD.
WTH is with the TEs not making plays today? 2 TDs missed on TE errors so far.
We try that shovel pass every week. It worked earlier in the season, but Jax covered it last week (thank goodness Ben was able to run it in) and Denver covered it this week. We've over-used it and it's not fooling anybody anymore.
Yesssss!!!! Now THAT was creative!!! I love it! Great pass, Boswell, AV wide open!

Balls deluxe call!!!!
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