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Dupree fighting a torn pec.  Two starting D backs limited - not to say our D backs are all that great 

Chargers 34
Steelers 24
Steelers @ home in primetime december football coming off a loss vs a good team, very confident this will be a W. I honestly was impressed with how they moved the ball vs denver last week despite the turnovers
Steelers 31 - Bolts 30... Boswell field goal last second >
Mo all Bolts this half... Ugh...
They lose they're only .5 up on the Ratbirds. Double Ugh...
Chargers make halftime adjustments... Tomlin... Not so much... again...
stupid challenge
Another lost challenge. ..
Need a stop now... Do they have one in them...?
(12-03-2018, 02:17 PM)bbbooger Wrote: [ -> ]Need a stop now... Do they have one in them...?
probably not.  he's taking all the underneath stuff and we're helpless to stop it
this team just doesn't have it. defense is horrible offense is unable to sustain anything just a mess. maybe he'll miss
Nope... Over... Ugly... Bolts by 3... Game... Season... See ya next year... @$#!
(12-03-2018, 02:29 PM)Rollers Wrote: [ -> ]this team just doesn't have it.  defense is horrible  offense is unable to sustain anything   just a mess.  maybe he'll miss

Starts at the top... Team had no character... Weak... Weak.... Weak...
They are who I thought they were in September... Had me fooled for a few weeks but, nope... They are who I thought they were.  Ugh!
I would agree, with the schedule remaining, injuries piling, playing stupid ball, no quality depth at RB and WR.

Team imploded tonight, horrid no calls by ref and what the fuck was Davis looking at in end-zone? Haden had a pure INT and it tuned into a TD after he was clobbered by friendly fire.

Dumb football, dumb challenges, and NO DEPTH at skill positions.

Next year.....
First loss at home ever when up by 14... So Coach T has that goin for him...
special teams are abysmal. defense gives up and lays down. Poorly coached. Poorly played. this team is done. I predicted we would not beat the Chargers, Pats, or the Saints. I see two wins going forward. Another wasted year
Well, I've pretty much given up hope for a Super Bowl with this loss. The only thing that changes my mind is if they run the table, which they aren't going to do. My guess is 9-6-1 or 10-5-1 and bounced out in the first round again.
I pretty much think the window just closed. Pats, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Titans, Texans, Ravens, maybe the Browns are better just in the AFC.

I've been saying this offense has been neglected over the years, mostly because of wasted picks on the defense. Switzer, great guy and all but he's our #3 WR??? Connor your RB???? Nothing behind him. The Broncos and the Chargers tonight ran over us with UNDRAFTED RBs.

I think the window has closed.
(12-03-2018, 02:38 PM)Rollers Wrote: [ -> ]special teams are abysmal.  defense gives up and lays down.  Poorly coached.  Poorly played.  this team is done.  I predicted we would not beat the Chargers, Pats, or the Saints.  I see two wins going forward.  Another wasted year

I have the Rats overtaking us for the division... Much easier schedule... I only see one sure win the rest of the way... Not sure they can travel to the left coast and win a game... No matter how weak the opposition...

Chuck' is right on: window is closed and shuttered...
Did I miss something - Was Labeau back on the sideline? Totally reminded me of his last few season's team meltdowns, playing way off receivers, shoddy tackling, looked almost like the old, "Play not to lose" Strategy that worked, like never.

Yet another season where the team has a chance to control their destiny and nada.

Will any future opponent's Offensive Coordinator have any fear of this Defense?; anemic QB pressure, horrible pass coverage, cruddy tackling.

DONE as far as the North. Could get some help and get a WC with 9 wins. But the Titans are the concern now, easy schedule.