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Well, so far, so good. Glad to see Rogers back.
O-line is off to a strong start. Nice running lanes for Samuel.
Samuels is looking damn good so far. Rogers, too. Guys stepping up.
Don't bog down here. We need 7.
TD to McDonald. Now THAT was a damn fine drive.
And Boz does his job. Well done!
You just don't see this defense getting beaten like that.
Romo just got done saying how Tomlin commented on New England running quick snaps on 3rd down... and then the team was STILL completely unprepared for it, giving up the easy conversion with a 12 men on the field penalty???

How can we be that fucking stupid???

And then that WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE open TD? Speechless.
you know how Tim. No one decided to cover him. No one ran with him. No one.
Samuels looking very good running the ball.

But he didn't even give that blitzer a second look. Sheesh!
So much for the strong start by the O-line. Ben sacked on his last two drop backs.
Just in case you thought the O line would hold up
makin it look easy
Good thing they developed a case of the drops.
(12-17-2018, 07:55 AM)mcmillenandwife Wrote: [ -> ]Good thing they developed a case of the drops.

Two drops have been our best defense so far.  can't count on those though LOL
Holy shit! What a catch by Juju!
Man I'm glad we picked Ju Ju
(12-17-2018, 08:02 AM)Rollers Wrote: [ -> ]Man I'm glad we picked Ju Ju

Agreed. We had a good 2017 draft.
LOL. They just said Ben's slip was "Boswellian."
Washington with a catch. Nice!!!
Rogers playing a really nice game so far.
PI, big time. Man, we keep trying Rogers deep.
Damn, what a SWEET play design, great throw, great catch. 92 yard drive. Nice job, offense!!!
Wow... surprising to see penalties called against New England.
Getting a "little" bit of pressure on Brady occasionally. Need more.
Good job by the defense there. That was a big series.
Wow. Pretty amazing job on special teams by New England.
Did that second player have a foot on the end line?
WTF, another wasted challenge by Tomlin. Why????
Ridley with a nice run. Good job, O-line. THat was a big run to get some breathing room.
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