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Full Version: Boswell to injured reserve
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Hilarious.  We don't need no stinkin kicker
That could explain his difficulties this year. Not sure why the move now, we have 1 game left. They signed Matt McCrane.

The team hasn’t announced what type of injury Boswell suffered. He suffered a left foot injury early in the year but it’s unknown if it’s related to him going on IR now. Pittsburgh has stuck with him despite a rocky 2018, rewarded Sunday after one of his better games of the season. It’s unclear if this is an injury he’s battled throughout the season and if so, a reason for why he’s struggled so much.

McCrane was one of two kickers brought in for a workout following the Oakland Raiders loss when the organization seriously contemplated making a chance. The Steelers nearly signed Kai Forbath, the other player who tried out, but ultimately stuck with Boz after a strong week of practice. Forbath signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars later that week so the Steelers are on their third choice here.

McCrane has kicked in four career games, all coming this year with the Raiders. He’s gone 5/9 on field goal and 8/8 on extra points. He will wear #3 for Pittsburgh.

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If he has been injured most of the year and Tomlin did not address this it is very troubling.
Can the Steelers be Fined for not disclosing an injuries?
(12-29-2018, 03:43 AM)Cali-Steeler Wrote: [ -> ]Can the Steelers be Fined for not disclosing an injuries?

Yes, technically I believe they could.