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Full Version: 1990 Steelers 35 vs Browns 0 (plus Marino Discussion)
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(07-04-2017, 09:37 AM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]The rumors about Marino were all over the city of Pittsburgh BEFORE he even played his lackluster senior season at PITT.  

Some still say it's true.  Someone even admitted on Twitter recently that he did coke WITH Marino, and even said where they did it.  

It wouldn't shock me if he dabbled in it, but constant use?  No way. Too much to lose and his Dad would have kicked his ass.

Who said that on Twitter about Marino and coke? I tried looking for it, but my Google-fu has failed me.

I think Peter King said it best, about Marino's potential drug use in College:

"What are you going be like when you're 21 years old, and you're the BMOC? I mean, you're going to have a few beers, you know? You're going to do things."

He said it better than I could, and I'm pretty sure one of the "things" in that quote was probably referring to, was him dabbling in coke.
Yeah man, I think you're in the minority lol.
Brister was an idiot and couldn't keep his emotions in check despite having a cannon for an arm and having good mobility.
He was basically a less accurate Brett Favre.
He managed to piece together a long career because he had that arm and as he got older he mellowed out a bit but he was nuts.
O'Donnell had the calm and the arm and Barry Foster.
This opinion is coming from a Raiders fan. I believe the Steelers would have won at least two Super Bowls in the 1980s or at the very worst made it back to the Super Bowl a couple of times. Chuck Noll would have gotten the running game that Dan Marino needed in order to keep defenses off balance. The Dolphins depended on the right arm of Dan Marino way too much.
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