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Full Version: Anyone here remember "Maniac"?
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Hs question was posted in Bouchette's "Asked and Answered" column. Pretty cool:

DAVID SAURER FROM PARMA, OH: I definitely agree with your assertion that the Steelers need to improve their skill players on defense. Who in the free agency market could we possibly consider?

ANSWER: While I understand fans’ interest in talking about free agency and the draft, and in identifying potential players the Steelers could target in each, there is absolutely no purpose in starting that exercise now when it comes to free agents. First of all, free agency doesn’t begin until March 13 when contracts expire and the new league year begins, and teams also have a two-week window (Feb. 19-March 5) to designate players with the franchise tag or the transition tag, both of which limit player movement to varying degrees. Also, teams can re-sign their own players starting today and going all the way up to the start of free agency. So to put some of those dates into perspective, based on the calendar, which tells us that today is Jan. 22: Feb. 19 is five weeks away, and March 5 is seven weeks away. March 13 is eight weeks and one day away. Nobody even knows which players will get to free agency, and so throwing around names at this stage of the calendar is a meaningless exercise.
Translation: Ed hasn't bothered to look at the free agents list yet.

Lazy hack.
(01-24-2019, 05:14 AM)Chucktownsteeler Wrote: [ -> ]DAVID SAURER FROM PARMA, OH: 

I'll maniac that.  Laugh
That's a name and poster no one could ever forget along with tommyg.  Cool02