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Full Version: A.B. Makes comment about Smith Schuster Fumble
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This guy is a Joke...   A.B Has to be a mental case by now and still have to be in the media?  Its over and done. He needs to STFU

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As I've stated numerous time I am glad these ass-clowns are gone. JJSS seems to be more mature and well spoken already at his young age. Seems to be well educated as well.

Who know how much locker-room disruption brown caused, but I look for a very good season coming up, with a deep play-off run.
All of the black NFL media who were so quick to blame Ben are now trying to blame Brown because they got played for fools.

Ben shouldn't talk to the media for the rest of his career.

Fuck them all.
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He's shutting down his talk show, which is a great first move. This team needs to focus on winning games and leave the shows and social media to ass-clowns like A-B. Ben should have (and other Steelers as well) a massive chip on their shoulder.

I'm looking for a good to great season ahead.
Ben is supposedly leaving The Fan.

Wouldn't shock me if he ends up doing a segment with Mark Madden.

The Fan's "talent" constantly shit on Ben on social media. His camp have noticed.