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Was cut by the Pats.  I don't watch pre season games, heck it's hard to find time to watch those that count, but I seem to recall the media reports on this guy during his pre season run were interesting.  Looks like he was a casualty of the rich WR lode on the Pats.  He knows our system and more than likely can catch better than Moncreif.  Heck, it looks like most on this board could. 

He'd be cheap.  Might fit since he's 6'2" and thereby present a larger target for our new QB.  This is just a shot in the dark by me.  I bet those of you who get to view more action have an improved insight on his talent.
Gotta be better than Moncreif... Right?
Saw him in pre-season for the Steelers last year. he looked good, I'd bring him in and kick the tires. Wouldn't hurt.
(09-20-2019, 06:53 AM)bbbooger Wrote: [ -> ]Gotta be better than Moncreif... Right?

So is a ham sandwich.
Myron Cope could catch better than Moncrief. Today.
(09-21-2019, 08:15 AM)RaynorShyne Wrote: [ -> ]Myron Cope could catch better than Moncrief.  Today.

Now that's funny... Sad... True... And really funny Biggrin !