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Full Version: Suspensions handed out...
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Garret - Remainder of season (should have been 16-games minimum).

Pouncey - 3 games

Obijobi - 1 game

Both organizations fined $250k. 

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Garrett - Now indefinite. Hope it's 16-games minimum - lifetime maximum.
More suspensions to follow.
The refs shouldn't be absolved of this, the Browns were cheap shotting all night. They left the game get out of hand.
Hopefully more suspensions are coming, specifically Randall for the hit on Johnson and at least fines on the two DBs that hit JuJu in the head. Plus the refs missed it but their was a late hit to Rudolph on the Diante targeting that was to the helmet. Stains were targeting all game which escalated to the brawl.
They were targeting all night and head slapping as well.