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Full Version: cincy game thread so I can ruminate by myself
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I will handle the commentary
Mason cannot move in the pocket. At all. He's just awful
neither of these offenses may score today
Our D is going to have to score as long as Rudolph is upright
ok now let's see if Rudolph can lead a drive!!!!!! GO MASON!!!!
oh well another 3 and oit
What's the record for most punts in a game
defense almost scored LOL
man our defense finally starts plaing and we got Rudolph under center
most punts in an NFL game is 19. We could see history made here folks
cain save Rudolphs butt makes a nice catch
well we got three. Another horrible throw by Rudolph. Man I hope he sprains an ankle or something.
wish we'd kept landry jones now
Edmunds making an impact. That's the talent you pass on Jackson for. Right there
that could be the game right there LOL
well I'm out. It's been nice talking to myself anyway. You all have a great day
Rudolph just sucks. pure and simple. stick a fork in him he's done
Duck Duck Duck
Horrible throw
Haven't been watching. Cancelled Sunday Ticket this year. F#$% the NFL. First Steelers game this season that hasn't been broadcast here in Ohio. Sounds like I'm not missing much.
If defense doesn't score we have no chance.
Tomlin heard me
Just saw Duck came in and threw a TD. Nice!
Well, that touchdown Play sure looked nice. Let's see what Hodges can do...
Great stuff arm move by Washington!
Great defensive effort on creating and recovering the fumble!
Decided to take a scenic little drive with my lovely bride so we could listen to the game on the radio. Glad to get the win. Didn't see the play, but heard Bush force the fumble and once again, Minkah on the spot to get the turnover. That was the key play of the game, even though it didn't lead directly to a score. Stopped a Bengals scoring threat, flipped the field and pinned them deep, setting up the go-ahead FG after their ensuing punt.

Bud Dupree's sack/fumble/recovery was gravy.

Hope we stay with Duck to see if he can generate more offense than Mason. He wasn't great today, but he DID generate a long TD and lead the team to victory.

Glad to get this win. Despite if being against the lowly Bungles, I was very worried about this game since the team is currently being held together with duct tape and coat hangers.
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