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Full Version: 1981 Steelers 14 vs 49ers 17
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1981 Steelers 14 vs 49ers 17

Bradshaw vs Montana! Franco is superb, gaining over 100 yards in a losing effort that the Steelers could've (and probably should've) won. Lambert and Blount are fantastic, picking off passes on consecutive drives (Blount's for a 50-yard TD) to turn a 10-0 3rd quarter deficit into a 14-10 lead. But while the Steelers move the ball up and down the field offensively, their 6 turnovers ultimately prove to be too much to overcome.
When the niners won this game! I knew they were for real!
(08-24-2018, 09:46 AM)Luther Wrote: [ -> ]When the niners won this game! I knew they were for real!

It's funny how different, obscure memories sometimes pop up when I watch some of these games. I remember watching this game with my buddy Kevin Perkins at his grandpa's house. His grandpa brought us Whoppers from Burger King and I can still remember picking off the pickles and tomatoes. LOL. We thought for sure the Steelers were going to thrash the Niners. And we really should've won this one. Too many damn turnovers.