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Full Version: Smith Schuster getting stupid
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  Smith Schuster  > 

   He's very young, and probably doing young stupid people stuff. But this whole social media thing is getting out of hand.  

   last night he posted a video of himself going 103 MPH  Antonio Brown all over again?  Or becoming a media whore?

  Im worried he's going to screw away what he could become if he works hard at it.  I'm just not sure whats going on with the dude...

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He better go back to his bicycle.
It took Brown a handful of years before he became more of a distraction than asset. During those years he was at the top of the WR group in the league. If this continues SS may fall off the productivity wagon a lot quicker and his production is not on a par with Brown.

Both were young when the foolishness began. That's not an excuse however it is a reality. When you can be surrounded by seasoned vets and have a supposedly player's coach to help the Brown/Bell type antics should not be a constant.