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Full Version: 1978 Oilers 35 vs Dolphins 30 MNF
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1978 Oilers 35 vs Dolphins 30 MNF

The "Luv 'Ya Blue" pom-poms are rockin' the Astrodome as rookie sensation Earl Campbell delivers a Monday Night masterpiece, rushing 28 times for 199 yds and 4 TDs. QB Bob Griese is no slouch, either, hitting 22 of 33 for 349 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT in a back-and-forth thriller between two playoff-bound teams. Griese strikes first with a 10-yd TD to Nat Moore less than 5 minutes into the game. Campbell answers with a leaping one-yard TD to tie the game. In the second quarter, the teams trade TDs and head into the locker room tied at 14. Campbell breaks loose in the 2nd half, scoring on a 6-yd run early in the 3rd to give the Oilers a 21-14 lead. But the Dolphins again respond, driving 88 yds to tie the game on a Leroy Harris one yard crash heading into the the final period, and the Dolphins take a 23-21 lead early in the 4th when A.J. Duhe sacks Pastorini for a safety. But Miami fails to build on its lead, and with less than 5 minutes to go, Campbell caps a 80-yd drive (keyed by several flanker screens) on a 12-yd quick toss right for a TD to put Houston up 28-23. With plenty of time remaining, Miami begins to drive down the field. But Houston intercepts a batted Griese pass at the Oilers 19 with a little more than two minutes to go. On 2nd and 8, just looking to run out the clock, Campbell takes a simple pitch, sidesteps a tackle, breaks outside and streaks untouched into NFL legend on a scintillating 81-yd TD to seal the game.
I remember watching this game as a kid. Earl Campbell was my favorite non-Steeler player and was a beast in this game.
(12-03-2019, 01:27 AM)Noll and Cowher teams no more Wrote: [ -> ]I remember watching this game as a kid. Earl Campbell was my favorite non-Steeler player and was a beast in this game.

Same here. To this day, Earl Campbell remains my favorite RB of all time. This game and the '79 Oilers at Cowboys game are easily my favorite non-Steeler games. You're right, Campbell was a flippin' BEAST, and he was downright magical in '78. What a rookie season!
At halftime, Howard Cosell's famous highlights, plus a recap of the first half. The Steelers' win over the Bengals from the previous day wasn't included in the highlights.