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Tough Game today. The Cards gave the 49ers a run for their money. I expect the same today. The Steelers never win when they travel to the west coast.

     Only one game, 3 years ago down in San Diego. (Monday Night Football) I should know, I flew down there for their only west coast win in " Guessing " 10 " years.

      Steelers 27 Birds 26.

We won in LA this year against the Chargers...but I will agree that they seem to come up short out there more often than any of us would like to see.

As for predicting the result, I think it’s easier to predict how many field goals Boz is going to make than how many touch downs Duck will orchestrate.

We will win, but within the spread.
Chucktownsteeler checking in and reporting for duty.

We win this game, my only fear is that the team is not looking ahead to next week.

Steelers 27

Cards 13
Mac & Wife, in the house. Go, Steelers!
Dupree is having an outstanding year. He looked SO fast on that last play.
Dumb personal foul by AZ. Nice! Extends the drive. Would've been 4th down. We'll take it!
Nice run on 3rd & 1 by Snell to pick it up. Good blocking.

They just mentioned Pittsburgh is dead last in red zone scoring this year. Not a surprise, I guess... but ugh.

Let's get one here.
Holy shit? How did JaySam hold on??? And how the fuck was that not a penalty??? Obvious shot to the head on a defenseless receiver, knocked his helmet off and sent it flying 10 yards down the field. A true cheap shot if we're playing by modern-era rules. Looked like Glenn Edwards hitting Gilliam in Super Bowl IX.  

NFL officials truly suck.
Bush bringing some heat.

Folks... our LBs are FAST. Damn...
Hot damn!!! Johnson with an 85-yard punt return for a TD!!! Man, how long has it been???

They just said it's the first one in 4 years. Wow!
Missing rollers today. Hope everything is going well. I know he's got some big medical stuff going on this week.
Good grief. DuPree just SWALLOWED the QB whole. LOL. 9.5 sacks on the year. FAST!!!

3 & out again, punt time. Defense is swarming them.
Defense came to play today!!
(12-09-2019, 07:57 AM)bbbooger Wrote: [ -> ]Defense came to play today!!

Man, they look ridiculously fast against these guys. Old school Tomlin 2008/2010 defensive play.
Crap. Snell coughed it up. That ball popped up in the air like a cork. AZ ball.
They keep running flanker screens on us. C'mon...
I'm worried about their no huddles affect on our defense over 60 minutes
Fitzpatrick nails him for a loss! Nice D.
Sack!!! Williams with the sack, but DuPree was in there FAST!
Nice catch by Cain. Looked like he pushed off, but I'll take it. No call.
Not thrilled with that 3rd down call. 3rd and 7, and you throw a 3 yard flat route to a well-covered TE. Pointless.
Looks like we swapped defenses at the end of the first quarter... ugh.
Yeah ... I'm definitely concerned about the pace, and fatigue on our side... Ugh!
Offense needs to sustain some drives and give the d some extended rest.
(12-09-2019, 08:26 AM)bbbooger Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah ... I'm definitely concerned about the pace, and fatigue on our side... Ugh!

Yeah, you called it. That was brutal.
Game not televised here. Listening on computer. I’m fairly certain there will be adjustments made we got this one.
(12-09-2019, 08:26 AM)bbbooger Wrote: [ -> ]Offense nerds to sustain some drives and give the d some extended rest.

 Hard to envision that happening, unfortunately. We'll see. Would be nice to get some points before the half.
Nice start to the drive.
Duck is making great decisions today. Nice scramble.
Wow. That deep out to Johnson was a BIG time throw.
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