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Full Version: A punt, a wildcat, a duck and a ferious defense
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Says it all. 

Man you can't have a 22-yard punt against a good team. 

I hope I never see the wildcat again. That cost us 3 and maybe 7 right before the half and a ton of momentum. 

Wildcat = Keystone Kops

Duck - Washington was wide open. Kid just don't have the experience yet. I think he missed a wide open receiver last week as well. 

I don't think Fichtner is helping either. Got to roll the Duck a little. 

This is the best Steelers defense I've seen in a while.

Yet, we win the last 2 we're in.

Jets first, then an RGIII Raven squad.
Amazing the difference a year makes. Last year, a vastly underachieving team at 7-6-1 on the outside looking in for a playoff berth.

This year, a vastly overachieving team at 8-6 and still in position for a playoff berth.

We'll be fortunate if we finish 9-7. Two more games on the road. Even if we make it into the playoffs, I think we're one and done.
That stupid-@$$ Wildcat formation has buried us in at least two games this year. Take the foibles of that stupid f-ing formation out of this game, and we're not forced to rely on an undrafted rookie QB forcing desperation passes into the end zone at the end to try to win it. 

They need to rip those pages from the playbook and burn them.
I only saw the second half and have two observations.

1. I love this Defense. Swarming, concentration, intensity. Yes, a few blown coverage's, but this ain't the Steel Curtain - a few letdowns are just going to happen.

2. Great coaches adapt and game plan for the hand that is dealt them to take the field with. You set your players up to succeed. On offense, other than that one gutsy 4th and 1 completion, the Offense looked like it was playing sandlot football. Duck looked like crap, I get that, but was he being setup to carry the load himself or was there a plan in place to rely on other play makers? If there was, I couldn't figure it out,,,but I think the Bills did. All in all, I thought the offense was not set up to succeed by their coaching staff. And finally, I thought Bruce Frickin' Arian's himself was back with all the short sideline, "bubble screens" that were so predictable and total failures. As for Duck himself, his passes seem to be so week and just float out there and when your line forces your young brain to react at warp speed due to pressure that is a recipe for disaster.

With our Defense, if the Offense could muster 17-20 points a game, it would be YUGE!
It comes down to this:

- The Steelers MUST win 1 of @NY or @Bal
- Titans MUST lose to @ Hou in wk 17


- Steelers win out.