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Should be a weird game? I can't call this one. Not sure which offense / Defense will or wont show up?

   Steelers 27 Jets 20?
Checking in. Gotta win. 

Pretty certain the game won't be televised here, although I haven't checked yet. But since it's an AFC game directly opposite the Browns/Ravens (the Browns are the "local" team where we live), I'm pretty sure it won't be on. I've only missed one other game all year, as every other Steelers game has been televised here, even though we live in the heart of Browns country.
Interception... This sucks
(12-23-2019, 04:26 AM)Cali-Steeler Wrote: [ -> ]Interception...  This sucks

Not watching... but I did see we're already down 7-0 and Duck just threw an INT.
Watching on NFL redzone.... ugh
This is what "not killing us" is?
Great. Now we're playing rotating QBs
Connors riding the bike on the sidelines......
Nice seeing Le-Veon get stuffed for an 11-yard loss
Decent drive. Got some points on the board...
TD...Mason to Johnson...we're back in business!!
Execution....I am all for it!!!?
This game SUCKED~!!!    I tried posting from my phone, but the APP for this page is screwed up as well. Coaching was Horrible. Screw Tomlin / little Bitchner OC.  I give Credit to the Defense for only allowing 17 and 16 points in the last 2 games.

 Im sorry, This Team deserves to be watching from the Stands. My stomach is sick inside out. This is not Steeler Football. Ill say it now as always.
(12-23-2019, 06:31 AM)steelerkraut Wrote: [ -> ]Execution....I am all for it!!!?


Who are we executing?
Tomlin...! Closely followed by Fichtner... and Butler... and Haley, just on general principle...