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    Please Lure away Tomlin with a big $$$ Contract. I'm tired of this garbage. Take Bitchner with him.

    At the end of his Media wordage he complained about the defense giving up 7 points at the beginning?

   Holding the last 2 games, your opponent to 16 and 17 points isn't too bad.  Offense Alert to Mr Tomlin > Your offense needs to score more!

   DUMB ASS!  This team had no urgency and were not prepared.
You might be done with this "garbage", as you put it, but I'm pretty sure Art II feels differently. He'll gladly take 8-7 with a puncher's chance to make the playoffs over what he was looking at after Week 2, I'm sure.

Tomlin's more likely to be extended by another year than fired or allowed to leave. Even if they're blown out by the Ravens next week, or beat them and don't male the playoffs, without him we're suffering through  4-12 year or worse and hoping that a kid from Alabama with a surgically repaired ankle (or whatever Tua's injury was; I'm not exactly sure) can somehow overcome Fichtner's creep-and-crawl offense to get the team back in playoff contention within three or four years. I like our chances better with Tomlin and Ben than with a new coach and quarterback next year.

Then again, I don't blow hot and cold on this team the way some seem to on this board.  They don't need to make the playoffs in order to have my loyalty going forward. I'm still a diehard Pirate fan even though they have less chance of making a World Series than this year's Bengals do of winning a Super Bowl, and my seven and eight-year old self cheered some of the worst Penguins teams in history before Mario got here. As long as it says "Pittsburgh" in front of "Steelers", I'll support them, even if it means absorbing losses like today's. It's the price of being a fan through thick and thin, in my eyes.
yeah I used to feel that way to. Now we have a Pirate's owner that craps in the face of the fans and people like you and like what I used to be says thank you. Please give me more. It is patently obvious that it is the same with the Steelers. So you keep right on supporting anything with Pittsburgh in front of it and you'll get exactly what you deserve. Game wasn't broadcast here sunday so usually susie and I head out to a sports bar to watch. Not this week. Cancer surgery had a lot to do with that but I could have gone. No point. I knew we were not going to win. I won't go to a Pirates game ever with the ownership that they have because of they OWN the Pirate fans like you that attend no matter what kind of garbage they put on your plate. The Browns, the Ravens are now going to be the class of the division for years. We have money to pay any decent free agent and that's not the "Steelers way" right? These guys still live in an era that allowed them to pretty much own the guy they drafted. They made ONE unexpected move that paid off but waited until Ben was hurt to do it. So go ahead and take what you get. I'm 65 and am convinced I will not see a world series win or super bowl win again. Don't care much about hockey so you can keep that. I fid myself posting less and less nowadays and I think that's a good thing. This isnt the NFL I grew up loving and this Pirates franchise is pure hot garbage,
This once proud franchise has been less than stellar for the past couple of seasons. Tomlin's titles came early in his tenure. Since then it's been a quick out in the playoffs if they made it at all. Dreams of #7 are more likely for Pats fans even as their GOAT ages. I fear the glory days have passed for Pittsburgh and, even if Ben can come back somewhat healthy, the best one might hope for with Tomlin is another non losing season. Meh!

I've only been to one Pirate game since the new facility was built and that was mostly to have fun with the family and see the new stadium. I wanted to leave in the 7th inning of a fairly non entertaining game but my brother in laws wanted to stay to the bitter end. And so we stayed and had another really pricey beer or two. I have to question why folks spend hard earned bucks to support that ownership/team. The product on the field has been less than competitive for way too many seasons and once you have seen the stadium it's not a sufficient draw to visit again. Double meh!

Hockey tickets are either hard to come by or really expensive so I've passed on that venue as well. I was a big fan when living in Detroit. Had a suite at the Joe and my 2 favorite years were when the Pens and Wings battled for the cup in back to back years. It's hard to get energized about hockey while living at the beach.

I got to watch what I think was my third, maybe fourth, Steeler game this year. I got done helping my son early and watched at my local tavern. The day was enjoyable but only for the folks in attendance. It's hard to follow closely without audio but cold beer, good food and rational fans of all teams carried the day. The loss did not surprise. Tomlin's teams seem to have a handle on losing when the chips are on the table.

From what I've read and limited viewing it's my view that Duck is not an NFL QB. MR may or may not be but it's hard to get a solid perspective with the overall diminishing talent on the team. Even Ben may not be the answer with the current cast of characters. I agree with Rollers, best wishes for a full recovery, assessment that the Ravens look to be the lead dogs and I hope they can dethrone the Pats. I'm not as convinced about the Browns.

It looks like it's going to be another long, no Steeler playoff wins, winter in the Burg. Had some family visit last week and hope we get a few more as the snow flies up North. It's up to the Pens to provide some distraction and comfort from the seasonal upsets. I hope they come through.

Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.
Forgot to build on the Skins "trade for Tomlin" idea. One I would fully support by the way. Maybe Jerry and his boys in Dallas could have an interest. I'd love to see Tomlin carry on with his coaching career with either owner. Coach cliche would fit in really will with the swamp people in DC but Jerry might tell him to shut his pie hole unless he can do a lot better than not having a losing season.
Also forgot to add did the departure of Munchak create the decline in OL play or have the boys just begun to age out? Also, can someone show the center how to make a shotgun snap without using a bowling technique? It's almost funny if it was not so costly.
I guess I must be one of a dying breed, then.

I was taught by my father that hometown loyalties come before quality of play and/or ownership. In other words, if you're a Pittsburgher, your teams are the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins good, bad, indifferent, or otherwise. Rooting for another team just because they play better or spend more money to attract better players is like turning your back on a relative. You can certainly complain or talk about how you'd do things better, but having a negative attitude before the game even starts or wishing that a coach who's never finished worse than 8-8 would be fired or traded to another team just because he hasn't won enough championships to suit your taste is incomprehensible.

I haven't come across this in football, but back when the so-called superstations were on cable and carried local sports, the Braves and Mets were on almost every day on WTBS and WWOR, respectively, and they were consistent winners throughout most of the eighties (Mets) and nineties (Braves), while the Pirates lagged behind as they do now. As I got older, I thought about switching teams a time or two when I was frustrated, but again, it would have been like turning my back on a family member. I know that some will ask why I use the word family to describe the Pirates or Steelers when they're only interested in my money, but when you let a team into your home for as many years as we have, that's the way it is. They don't have to return my affection, and in the case of some players I wouldn't even want them to. Just because most of the rest of the world, players and fans alike, have mercenary feelings about teams doesn't mean that I have to.

None of this implies that I'm happy with the way the Steelers have been playing over the last couple of weeks. But Art won't fire Tomlin just because I threaten to stop watching. The Pirates aren't going to spend more money on players just because I threaten to stop watching. All I'll be doing is depriving myself of things and events that have been part of my life since I was a baby, that can't be replaced by any other hobby or activity in my eyes. Call me a pathetic sucker without a life if you choose, but that's the way it is with me.
(12-23-2019, 01:48 PM)Garrett Garlits Wrote: [ -> ]I like our chances better with Tomlin and Ben than with a new coach and quarterback next year.

Pretty much sums it up for me, assuming the defense doesn't unexpectedly implode over the off-season. 

Assuming Ben returns healthy (I believe he will), we need to pick up a solid WR and a solid RB by the time next season starts. A stud at either or both of these positions would be great... but even an above-average young-ish veteran (no ancient re-treads at either position, please) who can stay healthy would be significant. We just need our QB and a few more options on offense. 

There are no juggernauts in the AFC. Call me crazy... I still don't believe in Baltimore. We should contend next year.