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Full Version: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Clemson Tigers, Part IV.
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Growing up in northeast Ohio roughly 50 miles from Cleveland and 50 miles from Pittsburgh it was an easy decision to follow the Steelers. In my childhood they were the "Steel Curtain", Terry, Franco, Lynn, the list could go on and on. Yes, during school days we'd here from the Browns fans about how great there team was. Funny, except for a short time in the 80's they pretty much sucked during my lifetime. 

But even with the Steeler love there was always the Buckeyes. I don't know of any Ohio school boy that didn't have them as their favorite team. Man, Woody was there, he was the man. Much like the Browns and Pittsburgh I only know of a short time when TTUN had our number. I sadly refer it as the "Cooper Years". But those days are a distant memory, now we dominate TTUN,as we should. 

But there is another team that needs to have it's day. yes, I speak of the Clemson Tigers. If I'm correct we are 0-3 against, including the famous game with the "Woody punch" to Charlie Baughman. It is time to get this monkey off our back and put a good old fashion whipping to them. Many fawn over Dabo, myself. We should be at full strength and I expect a whale of a game in the Fiesta Bowl. 

My prediction:

Ohio State 35

Clemson   24

Let's go Buckeyes!
Even though I live in SC I've not become a Clemson fan. Don't like the ACC. The SEC continues to be the top conference in my view. OSU may be better than TTUN but I feel they will struggle against Clemson in spite of their weak ACC schedule.

I really can't see any of the teams in the playoff beating LSU. The seem to have the complete package especially with Burrow.
Proud of the team. Even with all the bad calls against them they never gave up and had a chance to win at the end. For whatever reason Olave broke off the route we may never know, but he said today he thought Fields was scrambling. Stand up player he took complete responsibly for the pick.

With that being said when you have penalties being called from new York at a game being played in Arizona there are serious credibility issues.

Done with football this year, not even going to watch the Steelers today. This has left a bad taste in my mouth of pre-determined outcomes. I'll spend my time here on out with family.
Only was able to watch the LSU game. Watched less than a half of the second game. Turned it off soon after the targeting call. I think that one was reasonable. Had to hit the road at 5am today to work for my son in Charleston. I heard some radio coverage concerning calls. Sadly those have become a bigger and bigger part of both the college and pro game.

Borrow is the real thing. I don't think the Clemson boy is very far behind him in talent. My view is they are the 2 best college qbs in the game. Hands down. The final game should be interesting.

The world does not end with the result of a football game Ctown. I hope what you shared over Christmas and may enjoy in the new year will convince you of that. If you have your health and the love of your family you have most of the riches any man could want.

Too bad neither will end up a Steeler. Either, I feel, would be a worthy successor to the Bradshaw to Ben story.

We have friends here who back OSU and Clemson. I plan to hit my local tavern soon and I'm sure I'll get an earful from both re the outcome.
Thanks, Sandfan, appreciate it.

Targeting or not wasn't my point. The point was the officials on the field didn't call it. Then with lawerence down (bringing up a 4th down) a call comes in from New York calling the penalty. Not the best optics.

Two TDs reversed for OSU as well. Also a roughing the punter call that might have been running into the punter at best.

Couple this with the Cheatriots caught filming again, the Astros out and out cheating and no consequences have all but soured sports on me.

No my time now will be spent with family (which is growing next year). I'm going to be off sports for a while.

C-town out.

I think OSU would have won the title this year if they kept the right QB. Whatever made Borrows transfer cost OSU a championship. I don't follow the Big 10 and lost interest in the OSU game vs TTUN when we moved from Troy to the beach. I did notice than not much has changed and the wins keep piling up. That's a good thing. Right? Even though he's a TTUN man he can't win the big game and that typically means he's on the hot seat. The coaching change at OSU seems seamless. That's impressive.

The game last night was fun to watch. Fewer commercials than the NFL game, lots more offense, the talent on the field was special and (except for the length of the game) was all any fan could desire. Borrows going to the Bengals is almost a given unless he balks and forces some sort of trade. He had an absolutely outstanding season. Hope he enjoyed it cause life in Cin. is not likely to be as much fun.

Yes, I was out of town on business so I watched the game from the hotel. I agree it was a fun game to watch and a much better pace then NFL. Lots of talent on the field and it will be a shame Burrow goes to the Bengals, but he is an Ohio boy so he might not be too opposed to it. They had a terrible record but I see them as a team that could rebound quickly, especially now the Marvin is gone.

Urban Meyer had an out and out love affair with J.T. Barrett who I thought shouldn't have started a head of Burrow or Haskins for that matter. An all-time blunder.