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Full Version: 1988 Steelers 26 vs Eagles 27
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1988 Steelers 26 vs Eagles 27

The Eagles score the go-ahead TD with 1:15 to play and then block Gary Anderson's 57-yd FG attempt as time expires to hand Pittsburgh a last-second "come from ahead" loss. Despite a razzle dazzle Lipps-to-Hoge TD pass and outgaining Philadelphia behind the hard running of Merrill Hoge (21 carries, 102 yds, 1 TD) and receiving of Louis Lipps (6 catches, 171 yds, 1 TD), Pittsburgh once again undoes themselves with mistakes, including a costly personal foul penalty on Greg Lloyd that overturns a Rod Woodson INT. 
At halftime and after the game, scores and Highlights from The NFL Today.

Also after the game, CBS announcers Tim Ryan and Dan Jiggetts interview Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham. (By the way, there's no audio for a majority of the postgame stuff; it looked to me like the person who recorded this was trying to record and fast forward at the same time.)
This may be another one for the upgrade pile. Large portions of the second half go by in fast-forward, almost as if the person recording the game wanted to edit out the huddles and didn't know how. Some plays are also affected, including both the game-winning field goal by the Eagles and the field goal try by Gary Anderson that was blocked by the Eagles as time ran out.

I hate to keep asking for upgrades of games that are rare to begin with, but this game and the Saints game from 1990 were both totally unwatchable by the end. I have a few more fresh games from the Noll era to watch yet; hopefully there won't be any problems with them.