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Full Version: 1988 Steelers 31 at Saints 28 Preseason
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1988 Steelers 31 at Saints 28 Preseason

Game summary coming soon. Features Lynn Swann interviews with Art Modell, Al Davis regarding Art Rooney's passing earlier that week. 
Prior to the game, there's a report from ABC's Al Trautwig from Williamsport, PA on the championship game of the 1988 Little League World Series. Chinese Taipei was the international team; I forget who represented the USA, but they're bound to run promos later, and .I'll tell you once I find out.

EDITED TO ADD: The American team was from Pearl City, Hawaii.
In addition to the interviews Tim mentioned, the halftime dhow featured a tribute to The Chief narrated by Lynn Swann that featured quotes from Mike Webster, Chuck Noll, and Joe Greene, plus some short clips from a speech by Mr. Rooney himself.
During the third quarter, Lynn Swann interviews Wellington Mara, co-owner of the New York Giants.