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Full Version: State of the Union Address
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If you haven't had a chance to view the SOTU Address I highly recommend viewing. I didn't watch it live but on YouTube at 1.5 speed and it was worth it. President Trump was on fire. His SOTU speeches are so much better than the previous administration it isn't even funny. 

Also, there's a surprise ending with Nancy Pelosi!

Trump 2020!
I avoid public political discussions these days for a number of reasons, but I will say, when you hear Trump's accomplishments laid out that way, particularly in terms of the economy (not to mention how he has been transforming the judiciary), listing one achievement after another, after another, after another... it's pretty damn impressive.
In spite of all the interference from democrat socialists in the house with their foolish and wasteful Russian collusion and Ukraine positions; President Trump has a list of accomplishments that far exceeds those of the past administration. I am, like most Americans, better off today and trust our citizens will cast their ballots to help this President make America great for another four years.

I hope voters will tune out the almost total negative coverage of the liberal media and shun the deranged and hateful positions espoused by democrat socialists. If they value their freedoms and what's in their wallets a vote for President Trump and conservatives is obviously in their best interests.
The man is a fighter who gets things DONE. His record of accomplishment since he's taken office is staggering. 

I never expected it. I couldn't stand Trump in the primaries (I was a Rubio guy) and I held my nose and voted for him due to his promise to nominate conservative Supreme Court Justices and because I dreaded the possibility of Hillary Clinton as President. I never expected Trump to actually do what he said and I never expected him to behave like a conservative in so many ways. For whatever reason, I expected him to cave to media pressure and abandon much of what he campaigned on. Because that's what almost every politician does.

He's not a "traditional" politician, obviously. I'm stunned by how much he has gotten done, despite all of establishment Washington aligning against him, and he has exceeded all expectations for me. The jury is still out on tariffs and his trade policy... but I accept that he's trying to break the status quo. If it works to help bring the rest of the world in line with fair trade practices (especially China), fantastic! If it doesn't work, well... at least he tried a different approach. What he's trying to do -- put America first -- is the right thing IMO.

I understand why the left hates him. He is always confrontational and often crass. If he was on the "other team," I would probably despise him. But he's not on the other team... he's on my team. And he's proven to be highly effective. I didn't think it was possible for the U.S economy to perform at these levels. We've been told for YEARS that this wasn't possible. 


I do worry about what happens when Trump eventually leaves office, whether it's in 2020 (heaven forbid) or 2024. Because so much of what he's done has been by executive order (due to lack of Congressional support), it puts us in a precarious situation when the next administration comes into power. When you implement so much of your policy by the stroke of an executive pen, it can be quickly wiped out the very same way. This is exactly why Trump has been able to undo so many Obama-era policies... all those Obama rules and regulations via executive order quickly vanished. We can/will be vulnerable to the same kind of "undoing by pen" when Trump leaves. 

In any case, I'm truly blown away by how much Trump has accomplished, despite the relentless, biased and extremely unfair (in most cases) media and beltway onslaught. I'll say it again... the dude is a FIGHTER and he gets things done. I'm thankful for him.
P.S. -- I'll add that I think of all the awful things the media claims about President Trump, the most untrue and unfair is when they try to label him a "racist." I truly don't think the guy has a racist bone in his body. It's "America first" for him. It's all about fairness to America and not scamming the system. 

If you're black or brown or white or straight or gay or LGBTQ or Christian or Muslim or atheist, Trump is 100% for you... as long as you're an American citizen. I truly don't think he makes any distinction among groups based on race, etc. He is about improving the lives of every American, and despite what the detractors say, his results bear that out (lowest unemployment rates, highest wages, etc. in history for multiple demographics). 

But if you're in this country illegally -- regardless of skin color or any other characteristic -- Trump has a problem with you. If you're skirting the laws and scamming the system, Trump has a problem with you. It's not based on color or race or creed... it's based solely on legal status. 

No one ever claimed Trump was racist before he decided to get into politics as a Republican. Quite the opposite, and there's plenty of evidence to back that up. It's disgusting to me that people in the media and political opponents (which are largely one and the same) get away with falsely labeling this guy a racist, just because he's a political opponent. This has always been done to conservatives, for as long as I can remember. But it's been much more vicious with Trump than anything I have ever seen. 

I always find it interesting how bent out of shape these folks get about the "awful, divisive things" Trump says. Yet, in our current culture, there isn't anything much worse you can say about someone than to label them a racist. Not only does the left somehow think it's okay to say these things about Trump... they're self-righteous when they do it. In reality, it's an intimidation tactic aimed and hanging the "racist" label on everyone who supports him, and it's truly disgusting.
I feel largely the same as you do Tim. I was less pro-Trump and more Never Hillary! In fact, I literally set Presidential bar for Trump at nominating a good conservative Supreme Court Judge, which I feel like he did with Neil Gorsuch.

I'm less enthused about Brett Kavanaugh because I do think he's very reflective of Chief Justice John Roberts positions on many things which seem to be all over the place. I was hoping that President Trump would nominate Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court as she is staunchly conservative. Maybe she can be the RBG replacement... wouldn't that be awesome!

Everything else that he's done has been gravy and really has blown my mind how conservatively he's presided. Focusing on the Freedom of Religion, our relationship with Israel, and his Pro-Life stance have been so appreciated.

I was blown away by how strongly he stood for Pro-Life in the, I think third debate maybe second, with Hillary. I thought he used to be a Democrat and he's probably just acting like he's a conservative. I don't think I've ever been so happy to be so wrong.

Also, I completely understand your original point. The Tolerant party as it turns out is not so tolerant if you don't agree with them and will look to cancel people with differing views. The Bernie bros point of view on Gulags and Re-Education are quite literally frightening. The Project Veritas Expose on Bernie campaign staffers was eye opening!

At this point I don't see a true challenge for him in 2020 barring any unforeseen "scandal", typically manufactured by traitors and propped up by our propagandist media. 2024 is less clear I wonder how the world would react to Mike Pence running the show? I'd like to see Mike Pence run in 2024 because he'd be just as conservative and far more Presidential, although I'm not sure he's got the same fight as President Trump. We live in interesting times to be sure!
The above posts are spot on and I agree 100%. Very, very true.