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Full Version: Pat McAfee - Ike Taylor - Troy Polamalu
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Pat McAfee has, for a while now, blamed Troy P. for ruining his life by taking away a 100% chance at a touchdown play against the Steelers.

Here's an entertaining video on the Pat McAfee show that talks a lot about Troy Palamalu and his unique gifts with insight provided by Ike Taylor, A.J. Hawk, and a separately recorded interview by, I think, a fan and Troy Polamalu.

Also worth watching is Pat tell the whole story. It should also be on the YouTubes.
I've seen this before, but I'll happily watch it a dozen more times. I like everyone involved: Pat; Ike, and of course, their subject: Troy.

Ike will go under appreciated in Steelers history because, well, the man had cinder-blocks for hands. He alludes to it in this video. If he caught HALF the interceptions he could have had, he's be accompanying Troy into the hall.

What I love the absolute most is the love - the camaraderie and respect between teammates and opponents alike. When Ike talks about Troy's unselfishness and team-first attitude, it's with reverence. That must have been a FUN locker room.