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Full Version: Will the Steelers actually bring in a veteran qb?
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Would be awesome if we could find a journeyman at a decent price. Have always liked Ryan Fitzpatrick. I say bring one in that has something to prove.  This world class defense tired out last year. I can see why they did. Just my two cents. All the critics, and arm chair warriors are welcome to reply. I love Steeler Nation.
Barring injury or a set-back by Ben I highly doubt it. We just don't have the cap space.
I know steelers are in cap hell but dam do we all want to watch what we saw this year next year if ben goes down? I hope mason has matured into a starters mentality if that is the case. I just hate to watch the team struggle on offense and burn the d down because of it.
Yes, but both Mason and the Duck should be a little better this. Plus the Steelers hired a QB coach. last year was a dumpster fire on all the offensive skill positions. Hopefully Ben is back at 100% for 16 games but the RBs and WRs have TO STEP up, no matter who the QB is.
steelers are always in cap hell. Perpetually
I'd rather have Melvin Gordon than a vet QB
Maybe after we fill the voids at OL, OLB, and TE, then sure, why not?
TE? What's that? I thought it was the beginning of Te-hee-hee