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Full Version: 1985 Missing Games
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Please add these games from 1985 to your missing list (unless, of course, you have copies and are just waiting to upload them):

Week 4 MNF vs. Bengals (Loss 37-24)
Week 8 at Bengals (Loss 26-21)

I might as well do '86 while I'm at it:

Week 3 at Vikings (Loss 31-7)
Week 8 vs. Bengals (Win 30-9)
Week 11 vs. Oilers (Win 21-10)
Week 16 vs. Chiefs (Loss 24-19)

Hope we can see at least a few of these soon!
Thanks for listing these, Garrett. I didn't realize they weren't on the "missing" list. They've been added. If you spot any others, please let me know.