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Full Version: Shamarko signs with the J-E-T-S Jets
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A fourth-round draft pick out of Syracuse in 2013, Thomas spent four seasons as a reserve safety and special-teams contributor for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 26-year-old recorded 53 tackles and 1 forced fumble in 48 career games with two starts, both in his rookie season.

Thomas lost a battle in training camp for the Steelers’ starting job at strong safety last summer, then missed four games with a groin injury. He landed on injured reserve in December with a concussion, missing the final seven games, including playoffs.

There was no apparent effort by the Steelers to re-sign Thomas this offseason. He finished with 7 tackles in eight games last season.

New York made the move to add Thomas to the roster after a trade that sent safety Calvin Pryor to the Cleveland Browns. Thomas could push Jets rookies Jamal Adams and Marcus Mayes for starting jobs, but will more likely serve as depth and on special teams.

Thomas is only 26, although undersized at 5-foot-9, 205 pounds. While he may never do better than a backup or special-teams ace, there will be more opportunity with the Jets – who are thin at safety – than there would most places.

The Jets waived linebacker Jevaris Jones to make room for Thomas.
Nothing there above the shoulders.
And we were looking at him for Troy's replacement? Yikes......Fail!
Good riddance >
That pick never made sense.  I never had the feeling from day one from watching him in college that he would be nothing more than a nickel/dime situational DB and a special teams guy at this level.  And they traded UP to grab him.  Rolleyes
Lots of 4th rounders don't pan out and don't even make it through training camp, I believe more don't than do, although I wouldn't know for sure. I'll agree in hindsight, there were better options when he was drafted, but we got 4 years out, of him such that he was.
Strange pick indeed, the kid had the physical tools but nothing above the neck. That's the 2nd bust safety from Syracuse for the Steelers, the 1st being Anthony Smith. Although Smith played on 2 Super Bowl winning teams, the Steelers and the Packers.
Smith never got out of the dog house after that out of context quote about the Patriots.
(06-03-2017, 11:22 AM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]Smith never got out of the dog house after that out of context quote about the Patriots.
 That and he played like crap when we played them.....
This still the best!

(06-05-2017, 02:00 PM)Crash Wrote: [ -> ]This still the best!

Talk about a compelling argument for discharge... Great clip.....says it all.
Good grief.
Good grief.
He's right up there with Lee Flowers. That dude could celebrate getting his chin strap secured. Trash-talkin' nobody's have no business in the Steeler's Uniform.